Supply Chain Mapping and Industry Impacts for Defense-Dependent Communities

In the face of significant changes in defense spending, unprepared and ill-informed economies are subject to major shocks as their regions react to budget fluctuations, sequestration, or Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). Emsi identifies and monitors defense supply chains and provides forward-looking intelligence to guide communities through changes to their defense sector.


A sustainable platform for mapping your defense sector

  • Research granular data describing Department of Defense spending and supply chains at the county level
  • Monitor growth and decline of defense spending
  • Trace regional leakages
  • Track individual contractor activity


Measure impacts of national adjustments

  • Quantify customized regional impacts to changes in contracts or employment
  • Fully incorporated with Emsi’s proprietary input-output model
  • Identify elements of your region’s defense supply chain that are most vulnerable and highlight areas of specialization and competitive advantage


Comprehensive analysis of defense economies

  • Incorporate customized data from detailed surveys
  • Build strategy on a comprehensive understanding of your economy
  • Network and inform industry leaders
  • Promote cluster development
  • Identify sustainable funding opportunities

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