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The Digital
Talent Forecast

Mapping the Evolving Role of Digital Skills in a Dynamic Labor Market

About this report

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated many of the digital shifts that were already reshaping the world of work—and increased the urgency for employers to understand the evolving role of tech skills in the labor market. As the demand for digital skills continues to spread across an expanding range of industries and traditionally non-technical roles, how can business leaders forecast the need for tech talent, not just today, but in the months and years to come?

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Data meets expert insights

General Assembly and Emsi Burning Glass partnered up to tackle this topic head-on. The Digital Talent Forecast incorporates original research from Emsi Burning Glass, as well as insights from General Assembly’s community of business leaders, to shed light on the challenges—and opportunities—facing a labor market that is increasingly defined by digital skills.

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Why General Assembly & Emsi Burning Glass partnered:

Emsi Burning Glass is an industry-leading provider of labor market data analytics and consulting services for employers, higher education institutions, and economic/workforce development professionals. General Assembly is a leader in career transformation, working both with individuals and businesses as they pursue new opportunities resulting from large-scale digital transformation. In light of the massive disruptions caused by the pandemic, and the once-in-a-generation “great resignation,” we teamed up to create more clarity about how employers, hiring managers, and recruiters can send proper signals in a tumultuous labor market to successfully find the talent they need.

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Did you know?


of all postings for marketing jobs call for a data analysis skill


of all professional, scientific, and technical services industry postings call for at least one digital skill


of all manufacturing job postings call for a digital skill

Data meets expert insights

  • Understand how digital skills are defined and where they are found. Hint: they're in more places than you think.
  • From tech to retail to manufacturing, dive deep into the industries making up the majority of the U.S. economy, and the skills those industries require.
  • Get expert advice from General Assembly's Standards Boards on setting up your teams for success in a constantly evolving labor market.
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