Economic Development

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Build your economy with data you can trust

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With Emsi’s comprehensive labor market data at your fingertips and our team of economists and data scientists working alongside you, your strategy is stronger than ever.

Pinpoint key labor market trends

Market your community's competitive advantages

Develop a talent pipeline

Attract new businesses

Compare your region against competitors

Help local businesses prosper

Become the expert

Knowledgeable — You’ve got the data and you know how to turn it into action.

Productive — You get more done, faster.

Confident — You can defend your decisions and garner community support.

Transparent — Your community trusts you and understands your strategies.

Respected — Your best practices set you apart; you’re leading by example.

“Emsi has built up a reputation in the economic development community for having high quality, updated, and easy to access data.”

Cameron Goodman

Executive Director, Development Council of Richmond, Texas

Solutions for every challenge


See what sets your community apart. Developer helps you quickly and efficiently understand your local economy, identify industry strengths, and analyze your workforce. It’s all the labor, economic, and demographic data you need. In one place.

Advanced Analytics

Need to dig deeper? That’s why we deliver custom studies on industry clusters, labor market gaps, workforce availability, career pathways, input-output modeling, and more.

Business Engage

Retaining and growing local businesses is the foundation of your work. With Business Engage, you can prioritize growing and at-risk businesses, understand companies' talent needs, and bring science to your BRE process.

Why Emsi data?

Emsi brings together three unique datasets to tell a complete story.

Labor Market Data

18 billion data points curated from dozens of government data sources, giving you actionable insight on your industries, occupations, and workforce.

Professional Profiles

Over 100 million online resumes and professional profiles to highlight the available talent supply.

Job Postings

Hundreds of millions of online job postings from local employers to show real-time demand for talent.

“Incredible time saver and high-quality data. Without Emsi, our output would be less than half of what we do now.”

Pat Curry, Economic Development Analyst

University of Missouri Extension

Best practices from economic developers using Emsi