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Economic Impact Study

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What is your institution's impact on the economy?

That’s the question we answer in the Economic Impact Study—a custom report that measures your impact on the regional economy and workforce, and calculates your school’s return on investment for students, taxpayers, and society.

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The EIS includes two types of analyses

1) Economic Impact Analysis

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Operations Spending Impact

We determine the added net income generated in the region as a result of your institution’s payroll and its purchases of supplies and services.

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Student Spending Impact

We identify how local and nonlocal students can markedly affect your region. We measure the money spent on food, transportation, and other items.

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Alumni Impact

We tally the impact of your alumni’s higher earnings and increased productivity in the regional workforce.

2) Investment Analysis

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Student Investment Analysis

Graduates gain a lifetime of higher earnings. We compare the present value of these higher earnings with the cost of their education.

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Taxpayer Investment Analysis

We measure the added taxes and public sector savings that your school contributes to the state.

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Social Investment Analysis

We calculate the added state revenue and social savings that result from your school’s presence.

How it works


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Work directly with an Emsi economist to provide data on your institution.


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We model your data and produce reports that you can review and adjust.


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Now you have a customized study that clearly communicates your value to the community.


We show net impacts instead of gross. See more about our methodology.


Our studies have been reviewed by dozens of economists and industry professionals to adhere to best practices.


Emsi has completed over 1,800 studies across the US, UK, and Canada since 2000.

What can you do with an EIS?

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Engage with community stakeholders

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Justify new or expanded resources

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Raise financial support

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Improve the public’s perception of education

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Generate goodwill in the community

Video created by the Community Colleges of Colorado based on the findings of their Emsi Economic Impact Study

The Colorado Community College System found that for every dollar spent

Students gained


in lifetime earnings

Taxpayers gained


in added taxes and public sector savings

Society gained


in added state revenue and social savings

“With the EIS, we communicated a more comprehensive picture of what our college actually provides the community.”

David Mosley, Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness & Grants

Lamar Institute of Technology

How colleges are using the EIS

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