Labor Market Intelligence for the Enterprise

Driving talent strategy and aligning recruiting efforts

Human capital is the most important resource your company can acquire. We help businesses analyze the talent market and identify areas of opportunity in the most effective way. Using Analyst, Emsi’s powerful user-friendly labor market analytics tool, you are empowered to build the best strategy to recruit the talent you need.

Equipping talent acquisition professionals to:

Find the right markets

Find the right schools

Diversify with data

Know your competition

Find The Right Markets

With aggressive recruitment goals or hard-to-fill positions, adjusting your location strategy can be the key to success, but where do you start? Here. Analyze all of our data points across any geography—state, metro, county, ZIP code, or a custom region—and quickly rank and filter to focus on just the best for you.

Occupations by location
Top schools data

Find The Right Schools

Sharpen your strategy and save time with Emsi’s comprehensive college data that lets you filter every higher education institution in the US by degree level, race/ethnicity, gender, veteran, and disability status. And thanks to integrated data from US News and World, you can focus on quality as well as numbers as you pinpoint the college campuses producing the talent you need.

Diversify With Data

Are you trying to establish a diversity and inclusion program at your company? Or benchmark your diversity efforts against the workplace and target more diverse candidates? With Emsi demographic data, you have all the information you need to establish a diversity-hiring plan: age, gender, and race/ethnicity data for every occupation and industry, anywhere in the US.

Occuation age breakdown
Job posting information

Know Your Competition

How competitive are you in the marketplace? How do you stack up against competitors within your industry? What about outside of your industry? Use Emsi to discover the companies in your region that currently employ (or are seeking to employ) the talent you need. Explore which businesses are posting for jobs and where, along with how much effort they’re expending.

"GE has been thrilled to have access to the Emsi College Analyst. Prior to accessing this data, our teams were not aware of simple metrics such as diversity available across our target schools. Now that we have partnered with Emsi, we can more clearly understand our entitlement, make better decisions on where and how we recruit, have more robust dialogues around our recruiting strategy and perhaps most importantly, measure our effectiveness. The data that EMSI provides us has truly changed the game for GE university recruiting."

- Global Head of University Relations, General Electric