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As people analytics professionals, you need timely and accurate insight on rapidly changing talent markets. Emsi can make those tasks much easier. From commuting patterns to wages, our workforce data tool covers every U.S. metro-down to the zip-code level. You’ll find everything you need to make strategic decisions.

Compare talent pool by region

Use cost of living, job posting competition, wages, talent supply data, and more to decide where to place recruitment efforts.

Narrow your search with skills and keywords

Find hidden pockets of talent by searching for specific traits. For example, there may be a large supply of software developers in San Diego, but if C++ is your skill priority, Phoenix has the ideal talent pool.

Track your competitors

Out-maneuver your competitors by tracking when and where they’re posting for jobs.

Establish benchmarks for diversity

Enhance your diversity-hiring plan with Emsi’s demographics data. You’ll find age, gender, and race/ethnicity data for every occupation and industry, anywhere in the U.S.

Promote your individual expertise

Our tool will make you the go-to expert for your internal or external clients. Plus, it’s easy to use, so you’ll always be prepared.


Estimate salary ranges by region, skills, and experience.


Search earnings, demographics, and projected employment and openings.

Job Postings

See real-time trends on how competitors are posting for high-demand roles.


Find talent with specific skill sets, and evaluate demand for niche characteristics.


Slice labor force data by MSA, county, city, drive time, or zip code.


Analyze roles by industry to determine demand and common skill sets.

Staffing Patterns

Review historical and projected employment, by occupation and industry.


Track graduates by institution, program, and education level.

Worker Profiles

Learn about available talent pools with job titles, skills, education levels, and more.