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The future of work is here

State and local leaders are the rapid acceleration of existing trends in work and its exposure of flaws in education and training systems.

Now more than ever, the need for smart, effective strategies addressing the future of work are needed. Whatever hesitations existed prior, communities have been pushed into the deep end of facing their workforce challenges.

To support communities in creating better systems for the future of work, Emsi Burning Glass has developed a three-step framework.


Actionable insights on the skills businesses need


A clear understanding of the regional talent gaps and strengths


Identification of the opportunities for up- and re-skilling that will build a more resilient and inclusive regional economy

What this means for communities

illustration of building and data
illustration of a graduate becoming an employee
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Top-level leadership, with the best and most relevant data at their fingertips, working together to create policy for the future of work and rapid re-employment.

A workforce training and education system that itself is aligned, resulting in better alignment of dislocated workers with employer-driven demand.

A system where jobseekers are matched to the right opportunity and employers to the right talent based on the most relevant factor: skills.

The Framework

Inform decision-makers

Decision-makers need actionable data on their region’s talent shortages and opportunities. Emsi Burning Glass visualizes real-time employer demand and workforce supply data in a dashboard, providing you with a clear sense of in-demand skills and careers in your region. This phase reveals upskilling and reskilling opportunities for jobseekers.

mockup of skills data
mockup of skill gaps data

Align training and education

By examining educational programs in light of skills, existing programs can be translated into a skills-based language, and stakeholders can evaluate the gap between the skills being taught and those being sought by employers. Training can then be adapted to better prepare learners for the skills-based marketplace and more effectively match jobseekers to personalized training programs.

Connect people, education, and work

Skills are the currency in which jobseekers, learning providers, and employers trade. Emsi Burning Glass helps adult learners better evaluate the skills they have and link them to new opportunities for work and education. This skills matching approach helps jobseekers find meaningful work, connect to programs that help them up- or re-skill, and it helps businesses find the talent they need.

mockup of regional landscape data

We can help

Emsi Burning Glass serves thousands of professionals across higher education, state and local government, and business. We have begun deploying this framework in states and regions that are seeking effective reemployment strategies and new solutions to develop their workforce. Get in touch to discuss how this skills-based approach can create a stronger, more inclusive economy in your community.

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