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Show prospective students your alumni's success

Prospective students want to know if your alumni have successful careers. Can you show them?

You may have great anecdotal evidence, but students (and parents) want details on your programs’ real-world value. Unless you can show hard data about your alumni’s success in the workforce, prospective students may look elsewhere. Your alumni have great careers—you ought to be able to share these positive outcomes with interested students.

Demonstrate alumni success.
Engage prospective students.
Drive enrollment.

Back up your favorite success stories with real data! GoRecruit gives you employment outcomes data so you can demonstrate how your programs prepare for solid careers. Don’t lose another student for lack of compelling evidence. Win with GoRecruit.

Know your alumni

GoRecruit will generate the top results in these categories

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Businesses employing your graduates.

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Graduates’ current occupations, classified by SOC/O*NET code (such as Elementary School Teacher).

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Job Outlook

Projected job counts (by occupation) in your region.

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Skills listed on your alumni’s profiles (such as sales or SQL).

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City and state of residence

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Job Title

Specific job titles (such as 4th grade teacher).

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Percentage in field

Percentage of graduates working in their field of study.

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Estimated annual salary, based on occupation and region.

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Students have questions.
You've got answers.

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What are the top five companies hiring your engineering graduates?

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What percentage of your computer science majors work in related careers?

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How much do your business majors earn?

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What do your English majors actually do?

Clear, beautiful communication.
Wherever you need it.

GoRecruit produces alumni outcomes data in configurable infographics—easy to make and ready to share. Simply select the alumni data you’d like to feature, and GoRecruit will auto-populate the infographic template with the information you selected. Fast, informative, powerful.

See Examples
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Get the Data

Filter by major, degree type, department, academic college, graduation year, and place of residence.


Personalize your infographic by adjusting fonts, colors, and layout to match your branding.


Export your infographic as a versatile PNG file.

How we get GoRecruit ready for you

Data pull

You’ll work directly with an Emsi data specialist to compile and submit your alumni records: contact info, graduation year, program of study, etc. We will provide you with the necessary Excel input file and help you every step of the way.

Data match

We will match your alumni data with the corresponding profiles from our dataset of over 100 million professional profiles aggregated from the open web. With your records supplementing our data, we give you major-specific employment outcomes data for your alumni. Estimated wait time: four weeks.

Immediate access

Meanwhile, get access to a basic version of GoRecruit. You won’t be able to dive as deep into the data (yet!), but you can start to play with the infographics.

Full capabilities

Once we’ve matched your alumni records with our profile data, GoRecruit is ready for action. The data is yours. All graphics and search filters are at your disposal.

Annual update

Use GoRecruit to your heart’s content throughout the contracted year. When you renew, you’ll simply submit another dataset with new graduates and any new or altered programs, and we’ll update GoRecruit so you’re always working with the latest data.

Wondering if GoRecruit is right for your institution?

Schedule a time to talk with our product manager. We’d love to show you how GoRecruit works and answer any questions you have.

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