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Program market research.


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IPEDS. QCEW. OES. Job Postings.

These and many other data sources provide insights into a program idea's viability. Collect and synthesize this data, and your program portfolio will only improve. But it’s no simple task. Between suppressed government data, creating CIP-to-SOC crosswalks, and the time commitment, the process is no cakewalk.

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To simplify it, we created the Market Research Guide. This guidebook will help those tasked with innovating and validating programs by outlining the information to look for and where to find it. You’ll discover:

  • The most common data sources, and how to use them
  • The strengths and drawbacks of each data source
  • How to synthesize them to overcome their drawbacks
  • Emsi's composite LMI solutions

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If you have questions or comments, or want to learn how Emsi can help with your market research, let us know!

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