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Labor market analytics to improve your institution's value, relevance, and future

Emsi’s mission in higher education is to connect students, education, and work. We do this by providing data and analytics that help colleges and universities make smarter decisions and create successful strategies.

Develop relevant programs

Engage employers

Connect students to programs and careers

Communicate outcomes and impact

“I’m so happy to have Emsi data on the ground level. We couldn’t do our jobs without it.”

Barb Tucker, Director of College Effectiveness

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

People are questioning the value of higher education like never before

Is college worth the cost?

Are your programs relevant in today’s economy?

Are you equipping students with knowledge and skills that employers actually need?

Students, parents, businesses, and politicians need confidence that your programs prepare students for good careers. At the same time, higher education is about more than job preparation. It’s about developing well-rounded people, not just skilled employees. But can you do both? Yes, you can.

Keep your historic identity and tailor your programs to prepare students for in-demand careers

Your institution

Relevant. Valued. Trusted.

Your graduates

Trained to do a particular career. Educated to lead in any career.

Use labor market data in 6 powerful steps

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Create relevant programs

Start by using our labor market data to understand your economy: industries, occupations, demographics, businesses, and skills. With this insight, you can align your programs with labor market demand and give your students the education they need to become valuable contributors in a competitive job market. Dig into the data yourself in Analyst or get custom recommendations in the Program Demand Gap Analysis.

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Engage employers

With your foundational knowledge of your economy from Step 1, you can connect and collaborate with key employers. Continue to use Analyst as you refine your programs to meet businesses’ unique needs and create a better path into the labor market for your students.

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Connect students with programs and careers

Help students find attractive careers and show them the programs they can take at your institution to get ready. When they see the connection between great occupations and the education you offer, they’re more likely to stay motivated, finish their degree, and enter the job market with a plan.

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Engage prospective students

Use employment outcomes data to show prospective students (and their parents) how your alumni are using their education in the real world and thriving in their careers. Student success stories are great, but now you can back those anecdotes up with hard numbers proving the value of your programs.

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Communicate outcomes

Be accountable! Use program-specific outcomes data to track your graduates’ success and show the world the great stuff they’re up to. When alumni surveys fail and phone calls take forever, you’ve got quick and powerful proof right here.

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Communicate your impact

What would your regional economy look like if your institution didn’t exist? Our custom study quantifies your impact and calculate your institution’s return on investment for students, taxpayers, and society.

“Nationally you hear that higher education isn’t respected as providing value, but now we have the cold hard facts that say, here is our value.”

John Feeley, public relations director

Front Range Community College

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