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Impact Studies

We’ve conducted over 1,700 studies to help colleges communicate their value.



We’ve partnered with more than 700 colleges since our 2001 inception.



Last year alone, 1.2M students created a career vision with Career Coach.


Aspen Winners

3 Aspen Prize winners partnered with Emsi to become standout colleges.

How We Help

We'll partner with your college to help you leverage your economic impact, offer industry-aligned academic programs, and drive student success.

Economic Impact

Anecdotes have their place, but when it comes to proving the value of your institution, you need proof.

We help colleges leverage their economic impact to gain support from community stakeholders and get the information they need from local businesses to stay ahead of changing industries.

Community College Economic Impact Report

Occupation Comparison

Program Alignment

What programs should you offer to meet your community’s needs? How will those needs change in three years?

We provide predictive analytics and consulting around your program offerings so you can know what’s in-demand, and what’s feasible to offer.

Career Coach

Students attend college to get a better job. They’re not just choosing a major, they’re choosing a career.

We help drive student success by connecting current and prospective students to career pathways, and career pathways to your program offerings.

Degree career paths

Labor market information map

Analyst: Labor Market Analytics

To serve your region well, you have to know it well. Analyst, our labor market research software, empowers your staff with actionable economic insights to help them work smarter.

The data in Analyst details industries, occupations, programs, demographics, skills, and businesses—all in one place.

Alumni Insight

Which employers are hiring your alumni, and for what jobs? Answer these critical questions and others with Emsi’s Alumni Insight—essential employment outcome data gathered from more than 108 million professional profiles.

Alumni Insight