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Economic Impact Study

This study measures your impact on the regional economy and workforce, and calculates your school’s return on investment for students, taxpayers, and society.

Program Demand Gap Analysis

Our dedicated team of analysts produces a customized report that quickly helps you align programs with regional employment.

Career Coach

This powerful online service uses Emsi’s comprehensive labor market data to help students find careers that match their strengths—and discover programs at your college that will prepare them for success.


Our comprehensive labor market analysis software gives you the labor market data you need to align programs with market demand.

Alumni Insight and Program Outcomes

Use our real-time data from over 100 million public profiles and résumés to instantly see your past students’ job titles, employers, and skills—and tell your institution’s story to better engage your students, faculty, and community.


Impact Studies

We’ve conducted over 1,800 studies to help colleges communicate their value.



We’ve partnered with more than 700 colleges since 2001.



Over 126,000 students around the nation are registered on Career Coach.


Aspen Winners

3 Aspen Prize winners partnered with Emsi to become standout colleges.

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Here at Emsi, our customers are our heroes. We put their success above all else. We work hard to provide the training they need to take full advantage of our data, and labor alongside them to create powerful solutions.

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