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A word from Emsi's CEO

Greetings from Emsi,

First, thank you for working with us. We greatly appreciate the work you do and for the opportunity to support you in your labors. Our prayers are with you and all of those who are affected both medically and economically by COVID-19.

As we deal with these unprecedented times, we wanted to let you know that Emsi is here to help. Like most of the rest of America, Emsi’s employees have moved to home offices, but we remain completely dedicated to helping you. Because of the huge economic and workforce ramifications of the COVID-19, we are putting our backs into creating content, services, and new ways to serve you as fast as we can.

As a first step, we are releasing a new job posting analytics dashboard. With this dashboard, you can track the posting trends, see who is hiring, identify which skills are in demand, and analyze trends in your region’s economy. The dashboard is updated daily and will help you track the economic impact of COVID-19 as it unfolds and show you the evolving needs of employers in real time. We’d love your feedback! If you have ideas for additional data points and features to add, let us know.

We also plan to release a series of prototypes and reports about how the economic shutdown will affect various people and industries. More importantly, we will publish ideas for what you should do next, based on the data we’re seeing.

If you have specific requests or needs, or if you have ideas of how we can use data to help you or individuals in your community, please contact us. We want to hear from you!

God bless,

Andrew Crapuchettes


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