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Create an effective Talent Acquisition strategy

With data from the entire labor market at your fingertips, you can discover quality talent faster and easier than ever before

Get key insights to:

Talent Supply

Understand the size of any talent pool, across any market, analyzing every skill, with access to 138 million profiles


Make compensation decisions with precision! Discover exactly what you should pay to find the talent you need, and keep the people you have.


Determine the level of competition with access to millions of job postings giving you key data insights for vital decisions

Become an expert on...

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    Who to hire

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    What compensation you should offer

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    When to search for talent internally

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    Where people with the skills you need exist

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    How to establish a talent acquisition strategy with accuracy and precision

“We make better decisions on where and how we recruit, we have more robust dialogues around our recruiting strategy, and—perhaps most importantly—we measure our effectiveness. Emsi Burning Glass data has truly changed the game for GE university recruiting.”

Global Head of University Relations

General Electric

"In the blink of an eye, a lot of tools we considered necessary became luxuries, and others, like Emsi Burning Glass, became essential."

John Whitaker

Sage Dental

"Having Emsi Burning Glass data increases your confidence level completely. It becomes a statistic versus an opinion. Numbers don't lie. It's validation. You feel confident particularly with how the data supports the story you are physically seeing, whether it's searching for candidates, talking to candidates, or to hiring managers who are having a lot of turnover. It really drives home your point."

Kimberly Russell


Also available via API

Pipe the data onto your own website and create custom data displays and applications.


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