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We don’t need to sell you on the value of employment outcomes data. But alumni surveys are old news, plagued by problems like:

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    Diverts valuable staff time from critical tasks

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    Inconsistent methodology across campus

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    Limited number of responses

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    Info on first destination only

So imagine if you could access comprehensive data on thousands (or tens of thousands) of your alumni in less time than a coffee break. Sound too good to be true?

Emsi offers a suite of employment outcomes solutions, powered by a database of 100 million+ alumni profiles and resumes, that provide info on:

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    Where your alumni live

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    Who employs them

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    Their occupations and job titles

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    The skills they market on their resumes

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"It can be difficult to get a good response with alumni surveys. The Emsi match was more than triple the rate I will often get."

Royal Dawson, Director of Enrollment Analytics at University of La Verne

This data is so valuable, collecting it shouldn’t be a roadblock. Request a FREE alumni overview report for your institution to see for yourself.

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