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SumTotal’s Emsi Burning Glass integration delivers market-level analytics around jobs and skills directly to SumTotal customers.


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Market-Level Analytics                

What is SumTotal

SumTotal helps organizations discover, develop, and unleash the hidden potential within their workforce and the entire business ecosystem.

How Emsi and SumTotal Work Together

Whether starting a new skill framework or enhancing an existing taxonomy, this data will supercharge upskilling and reskilling efforts with SumTotal, including internal mobility and career development, development planning, learning and development in the flow of work, and so much more. Paired with SumTotal’s existing skill-based functionality, Emsi Burning Glass data within SumTotal unlocks how customers identify, partner with, and grow talent across their workforce in real-time.


Career Mobility

With SumTotal and Emsi Burning Glass, organizations leverage market data to start, enhance, and grow a skill framework. A strong skill framework unlocks upskilling: empowering employees to develop the skills critical to their current role and relevant for the next positions in their job ladder. It also powers comprehensive reskilling: recommending jobs and opportunities outside an employee’s traditional career path for which they’re qualified, while identifying remaining skill gaps and providing learning content to close them.

Learning & Development

Applying a skills framework to learning content evolves an organization’s approach to learning and development. With skill data informed by Emsi Burning Glass, existing investments in training content – the necessary work to meet compliance standards – becomes an investment in people and development. By aligning content to skills, employees are recommended the courses, curriculum, activities, books, and materials that make the most sense for them: closing skill gaps and growing professionally. Completion can automatically mark skill acquisition, closing the loop on identifying and completing relevant development tasks.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring managers and recruiting teams using SumTotal Recruiting will find even more value with Emsi Burning Glass’s market analytics data: insights offered inline while crafting requisitions to better attract the most qualified candidates – ensuring that job postings convey the proper skill, credential, and other requirements to external candidates. SumTotal Recruiting’s end-to-end support of internal candidates similarly benefits from a robust skill framework – both as a method for internal mobility and in support of projects, gigs, and other short-term opportunities.

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