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This partnership creates a unified view of the internal and external labor force for business leaders


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What is Visier

Visier is a cloud-based analytics application that delivers fast, clear people insight.

How Emsi and Visier Work Together

This partnership brings external labor market analytics together with internal people analytics with the goal of creating more standardized and simple job classifications and insight on skills, demand, and compensation to help human resources professionals better manage a company’s most important asset – people.



Visier and Emsi bring you elevated people outcomes that impact talent acquisition, such as:

Applicant or Candidate Fit: Assess job-seekers based on skills required, or discover candidates in your CRM that are the best fit.

Diversity Targets: Set reasonable and achievable diversity targets for your organization based on industry, my occupations, and locations.


With Emsi’s standard occupations and top 5 skills for your employee data, you gain access to deeper capabilities within Visier such as:

Career Journey by Occupation: Discover what career trajectories look like by occupation, and map the skills required to fast path (and retain) your top talent.

 Workforce Planning by Skills: Plan for upcoming roles by skills required.

Internal Talent Marketplace: Evaluate internal candidates for roles based on their skillset.

Labor Market Skills: Forecast labor market changes in your industry or location with insight into what new occupations are emerging, what your competitors are recruiting for, and what new skills may be sought after.


Visier and Emsi combine external labor market data and your organization’s internal employee data into one unified view. This enables the following capabilities:

Labor Supply and Demand: Accurately assess talent markets in any geographic location to proactively plan and meet hiring needs. Forecast the cost of hiring in locations where your business operates.

Compensation Benchmarks: Gauge whether your organization over or underpays so that your organization stays competitive.

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