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The world has changed, so should the way we help people find work and training

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From Likely to Aligned

People acquire and develop skills through work, learning providers, self-study, workforce programs, apprenticeships, and everyday life. But too often they only see different versions of their current or most recent job title as an option. They don’t realize how their skills align and complement other roles. From Likely to Aligned examines how skills data unearths aligned transitions, revealing previously unknown career pathways.

Learn how to better serve jobseekers and help meet the talent demand of local employers.

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Emsi Developer gives economic development professionals the local labor market analytics to help their communities thrive.


Powered by Emsi's library of over 30,000 skills and matching algorithms anchored in AI, SkillFit personalizes the user's path to an in-demand job and career.

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This research tool evaluates the supply and demand of skills based on occupations and industries and allows for filtering by demographics.

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