Human+ Skills for the Future of Work


Human + Technical

Some say that STEM skills are the most critical skills in the age of automation. Others think only the uniquely “human” skills of the liberal arts will survive.

We believe it’s both. The most valuable workers now, and in the future, are those who combine technical knowledge with human skills.

Rather than pit a college education against workforce training, we advocate integrating both in the learning process. Learn more in “Robot Ready: Human+ Skills for the Future of Work.”

Key Findings

In Robot-Ready, we examine several striking insights:

1. Human skills—like leadership, communication, and problem solving—are among the most in-demand skills in the labor market.

2. Human skills are applied differently across career fields. To be effective, liberal arts grads must adapt their skills to the job at hand.

3. Liberal art grads should add technical skills. There is considerable demand for workers who complement their human skills with basic technical skills like data analysis and digital fluency.

4. Human+ skills are at work in a variety of fields. Human skills help liberal arts grads thrive in many career areas, including marketing, public relations, technology, and sales.

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