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Rural's Rise

Shifting Trends in Rural and Urban Job Postings

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People are moving from urban centers to rural communities—and our database of 1 billion postings shows that the jobs are following them. Learn what these trends mean for community development in our new report.

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Nine of the top 10 counties with the highest growth in posting share from 2019 to 2021 are rural.

Rural job growth isn’t limited to specific sectors: Job postings have grown in fields such as healthcare, technology, storage and transportation, and science.

Rural areas have seen growth in high-tech skills, including mobile development, cloud computing, brand management, online marketing, and web analytics. Job postings from urban employers are more likely to allow for remote work: since 2019 remote job postings in urban areas have grown 102% compared to only 14% in rural communities.

Salaries of jobs growing in rural areas are on average 20% higher than all jobs in rural areas.

How people work is changing, so is where they work

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