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Skill ID

Create actionable skill profiles for your roles

A platform for identifying skills to improve your job data

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Identify the skills you have, and the skills you need, with Skill ID.

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No more stagnant job descriptions

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No more long-winded employee skills surveys

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No more swampy spreadsheets

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No more pricey, time-consuming job consulting projects

Analyze. Customize. Benchmark

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Talent Acquisition — Identify where you can re-skill or upskill your own existing talent instead of making new hires.

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Employee Development — Determine crucial skills for any given role and make sure your employees have those skills so you don't lose your employees to other companies.

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Workforce Planning — Easily and accurately measure your organization's skill gaps so you can fill them. Create benchmarks to see how you compare to your competitors!

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"Companies need systems that continuously identify, organize, and arrange the skills that drive success, so that they can develop the skills of the future."

Josh Bersin

Author, President & Founder of Bersin & Associates

How it works

Translate your internal titles into the language of the outside world

Skill ID will normalize your titles by translating them into the terminology used across the labor market. This will help you in your role analysis.

Skill ID gif
Skill ID gif

Identify skill profiles for all your roles—immediately

Once your job titles are normalized, Skill ID will add associated skills to those titles.

Analyze and refine your roles

Now you can identify the skills (and any gaps) within your organization. Create benchmarks to see how you compare with your competitors!

Skill ID gif
Skill ID gif

Enhance your data and connect to your internal systems

Save your data in one place so you can collaborate easily with your team. Simply import this data straight into your own HR systems, using either API or a flat file.

Want to see Skill ID in action?

Contact us and we'll walk you through an example with one of your job titles.

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