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Skillabi shows how the skills you teach align with the skills employers want

So you can optimize curriculum to meet the evolving needs of learners.

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Skillify your syllabi

We translate your course content (learning outcomes, syllabi, etc.) into work-relevant skills that are recognized and valued by employers. This translation (i.e. “skillification") enables a direct apples-to-apples comparison of the skills taught at your institution and the skills sought by employers (and the learners who want to work for them).

Get actionable insight to inform curriculum

Market-aligned skills

Surface the marketable skills you teach in the courses you currently offer.

Suggested new skills

Identify in-demand skills to consider adding to your curriculum.

Curriculum opportunities

See where skills missing from one program are taught elsewhere in your curriculum.

Answer mission-critical questions

What's different about Skillabi?


Rather than relying on crosswalks (e.g. CIP-to-SOC) to approximate connections between programs and careers, Skillabi uses a direct, skills-to-skills comparison that provides unparalleled precision for evaluating curriculum alignment.

Dynamic reporting

Today, jobs and the skills they require are changing faster than ever. Skillabi constantly updates your skill insights to reflect trends in employer job postings. You’ll always have a finger on the pulse of evolving demand, and how it relates to your programs.

Tailored insights

Skillabi lets you start with the skills you already teach and then delivers actionable market insights to help you optimize and expand your offerings.

Want to see Skillabi in action?

Reach out to us and we'll walk you through an example with one of your programs.

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