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Attract and serve adult learners

with personalized learning recommendations powered by skills

For colleges and universities that want to help their students fill skill gaps and achieve their professional goals.

Many working adults aspire to advance in their careers or change professional paths altogether, but aren’t sure how to take the next step.

Emsi SkillsMatch equips your institution to serve these learners by giving them the clarity and confidence they need to enroll and start pursuing their goals.

Help learners identify and close skill gaps

Provide personalized learning recommendations to fill the skill gaps of your prospective students

Using SkillsMatch, your institution helps lifelong learners...

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Inventory their current skills based on prior learning and work experience.

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See the skills they need to get from where they are to where they want to be.

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Discover the courses and programs at your institution that can help get them there.

With SkillsMatch, your curriculum is connected to Emsi’s library of over 30,000 real-world skills so students can understand your course offerings in the language of the labor market.

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How it works

This is what learners experience when they use SkillsMatch


Inventory the marketable skills they already have from both education and work history.


Explore the career areas that match their interests and current skill set while also discovering skills they may need or want to learn.


Discover personalized educational offerings at your institution based on their skills, goals, and what employers are looking for.


Review live job postings that match the skills they already have or want to learn.

Wondering if SkillsMatch is right for your institution?

We'd love to walk through the tool with you, answer any questions, and talk about how a skills-driven approach can help your institution attract and engage lifelong learners.

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