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Find and sell the right reqs.
Faster and easier.

Your personal staffing advisor—giving you
data-driven recommendations on the best reqs.

Cut through the clutter

Get a customized list of the reqs you should pursue based on real-time supply and demand in the market, your expertise, and your goals.

How do you find the right reqs?
Find the right reqs

SmartReq's sophisticated AI takes the guesswork out of lead generation by ranking which opportunities are the BEST matches—saving you time and money.

Sell with confidence

SmartReq qualifies the strength of each lead to you and your client. Get a comprehensive scorecard with wage, competition, skills, and supply/demand insights for each req, so you can evaluate and negotiate.

Filter reqs by supply, demand, and wage data

How SmartReq works

Find reqs by occupation or SOC codes

1. Create a preset

Tell us what you're looking for! Input the market and companies you've sold for and new occupations you're interested in pursuing.

2. Review our recommendations

Explore your curated list of only the best fillable reqs. Use the parsing feature to see job postings for the customers, prospects, and occupations you chose. Identify other companies hiring for similar occupations.

Recommendations for reqs based on your needs

3. Sell the req!

SmartReq uses data to instantly show you whether a req is a great opportunity or one that will be hard to fill. It identifies which staffing companies you’re up against and how the market you're recruiting in compares to others. Use this objective data to validate, challenge, or negotiate the details of a req.

Use objective data to validate, challenge, or negotiate a req
Data designed for the staffing industry—by the staffing experts

Start winning reqs and maximizing your bill rates.

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"Using Emsi Burning Glass, I got 85% of my clients to increase their wages which increased our bill rates and made us more money.”

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SmartReq is your ROI weapon.

  1. Identify new job openings you might have missed
  2. Utilize concise negotiating points to win business
  3. Advise your clients to increase prices using objective data
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SmartReq and ROI

Our data is the unbiased source of truth you need in your client negotiations.

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