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Shifting Skills, Moving Targets, and Remaking the Workforce

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Jobs are changing fast, and no one can afford to stand still

The skills underlying the average job have changed 37% in the last five years–which means that the job you have, or the jobs you’re hiring for, are changing beneath your feet. How can employers and workers keep up with that pace of change?

In our latest research report, we pinpoint exactly how 680 occupations are changing, pinpointing the jobs you care about most. Plus we offer practical advice for employers, workers, educators, and governments on how to keep up with change.

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Key Takeaways


Overall, 37% of the top 20 skills requested for the average US job have changed since 2016–some becoming more in demand, some less


One in five of these skills is entirely new to their occupation since 2016.


Certain sectors—finance; design, media, and writing; business management and operations; HR; IT—have changed faster than others.


The jobs that have changed the least are physical occupations, such as: laborer/warehouse worker, packager, janitor/cleaner, tractor/trailer truck driver, shipping/receiving clerk.

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Skills are changing at breakneck speed

Employers and employees alike need to understand and adapt to the skills they’ll need to succeed

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