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The key to successful staffing is defensible data.

Our tools are packed with labor market insights to help you conduct market research, generate leads, and qualify reqs.

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Staffing Analyst

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A premium business-planning and market research tool for corporate.

Staffing Analyst
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Find, and sell the right reqs. Faster and easier.

Your personal staffing advisor—giving you data-driven recommendations on the best reqs.

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Also available via API

Pipe the data onto your own website and create custom data displays and applications.

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Build your staffing strategy on analytics you trust.

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“Having Emsi data increases your confidence level completely. It becomes a statistic versus an opinion. Numbers don’t lie. It’s validation. You feel confident particularly with how the data supports the story you are physically seeing, whether it’s searching for candidates, talking to candidates, or to hiring managers who are having a lot of turnover. It really drives home your point."

Kimberly Russell, Analytics and Reporting Manager


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“In the blink of an eye, a lot of tools we considered necessary became luxuries, while others, like Emsi, became essential.”

John Whitaker, SVP and Chief People Office

SAGE Dental

You will love the confidence that knowledge brings.


Analyze roles by industry to determine demand and common skill sets.


Search earnings, demographics, and projected employment and openings.

Job Postings

See real-time trends on postings for in-demand positions.


Dig beneath vague and unreliable job titles to find the specific skills you need. Evaluate demand for niche qualifications.


Estimate salary ranges by region, skills, and experience.


Slice labor market data by MSA, county, city, drive time, or ZIP code.

Staffing Patterns

Review historical and projected employment by occupation or industry.


Track graduates by institution, program, and education level.


Explore talent pools based on age, race/ethnicity, and gender for every occupation and industry, anywhere in the US.

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