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Strengthening Enrollment

with Market-Aligned Programs

Strengthening Enrollment
Mockup of Strengthening Enrollment

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In-demand academic programs that align with learners’ goals are the foundation of effective enrollment and retention strategies.

The good news is, the same data used to develop these programs in the first place can (and should!) also be used to communicate their value to prospective students.

Mockup of Strengthening Enrollment

What you'll learn:

  • Why program-to-market alignment is essential for enrollment growth
  • The unique role of each “data layer” in the market research pyramid
  • Two key tactics for leveraging market alignment to attract and enroll prospective students

See it in action

Watch real examples and detailed walkthroughs of the concepts discussed in the guide:

Part 1

What motivates learners?

Part 2

Crash course in program-to-market-alignment

Part 3

Leveraging alignment to attract and engage