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Is your talent strategy based on the whole picture?

Your talent is your most important asset. Don’t make critical talent market decisions with limited or incomplete data—you and your stakeholders deserve better. If you want to get ahead of the game, you need the truth.

See the whole picture. Win big.

Access professional profiles, traditional labor market information, job postings, and compensation data…all in one place. Our data gives you the most complete labor market data available anywhere. Now you can be confident you’ve got all the facts as you build your talent strategy.

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Put your company in position to succeed

Change people’s lives with perfect-fit careers

All the data sources.
Trust us, you can handle the truth.

Labor Market Data

18 billion data points curated from dozens of government data sources (like QCEW), updated quarterly.

Compensation Data

40M individual compensation observations anchored in robust government data sources.

Professional Profiles

Additional details not found in government data, such as skills, education level, alma mater, and employer.

Job Postings

Hundreds of millions of online job postings with filters by company, job title, skills, keywords, and more.

Target the right markets

Make smarter decisions regarding recruitment, relocation, and expansion. Easily analyze billions of data points across any geography: state, metro, county, ZIP code, or any custom region.

Defend your strategy

We’ve got your back. Our methodology is rigorous and our sources transparent, so you can trust the numbers and demonstrate exactly where the data comes from.

Guide your company

When stakeholders ask for advice, you’ve got it. Thanks to your expertise, you’re the tip of the spear leading your business in connecting the right talent with perfect-fit careers.

Answer tough questions with ease.

What skills are in highest demand in your region?

What are the best cities for a remote workforce?

How are your competitors pursuing the candidates you need?

Where should you focus recruiting efforts?

How can you quickly gain expertise in unfamiliar regions or talent markets?

Where can you find the evidence you need to challenge outdated strategies?

You will love the confidence that knowledge brings.


Analyze roles by industry to determine demand and common skill sets.


Search earnings, demographics, and projected employment and openings.

Job Postings

See real-time trends on postings for in-demand positions.


Dig beneath vague and unreliable job titles to find the specific skills you need. Evaluate demand for niche qualifications.


Estimate salary ranges by region, skills, and experience.


Slice labor market data by MSA, county, city, drive time, or ZIP code.

Staffing Patterns

Review historical and projected employment by occupation or industry.


Track graduates by institution, program, and education level.


Explore talent pools based on age, race/ethnicity, and gender for every occupation and industry, anywhere in the US.

“Having Emsi data increases your confidence level completely. It becomes a statistic versus an opinion. Numbers don’t lie. It’s validation. You feel confident particularly with how the data supports the story you are physically seeing, whether it’s searching for candidates, talking to candidates, or to hiring managers who are having a lot of turnover. It really drives home your point."

Kimberly Russell, Analytics and Reporting Manager


“One of the best things about Emsi is how intuitive the software is. Data is useless to us if it’s not easy to use.”

Nicole Streu, Sandia National Labs

“In the blink of an eye, a lot of tools we considered necessary became luxuries, while others, like EMSI, became essential.”

John Whitaker, SVP and Chief People Office

Sage Dental

Become a data pro

Simply having the right data isn’t enough. You also need to visualize it, explain it, and put it into action. That’s why we offer free training and ongoing customer support—so you become your company’s trusted authority on data.

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