The Talent Attraction Scorecard

Which regions are doing the best job attracting and developing talent?

Last summer we released our inaugural Talent Attraction Scorecard that ranked U.S. counties on how well they’re attracting and retaining skilled talent. With the help of some of the top economic development researchers in the field, we established five quantitative components to form our analysis.

We are thrilled to unveil the second annual edition of the scorecard, this time with a slightly refined methodology. We’ve kept the same five core metrics, but we’ve expanded net migration to include two time frames, 2011–2015 and 2014–2015, and added the 2012–2016 percentage change in the adult population with an associate degree and above to show counties with an increasing share of college-educated residents.

New this year is a supplementary analysis to show the top cities that are retaining their graduates and the skills embedded in their communities. We also look at the strategies that communities can consider as they’re building out short- and long-termtalent pipeline approaches.