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6th Annual

Talent Attraction Scorecard

Ensuring your community’s economic success when talent is in short supply

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United States

The Scorecard

Scorecard Highlights


Suburbs & Exurbs

Younger adults are moving into major metros while millennials are moving to the surrounding suburbs and exurbs.


Talent Availability

U.S. population growth is slowing. Talent shortages will continue to increase for communities without competitive tactics.


Regional Trends

The Northwest, Mountain West, and Southeast earned high marks. Conversely, the Northeast and coastal counties of California are struggling.

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  • Pre-existing trends of rising remote work and slowing population growth, coupled with out-migration, of large cities have been accelerated by the 2020 pandemic.
  • Large metros are struggling to retain talent, with eight of the 10 most populated U.S. counties all ranking in the bottom half.
  • Mid-sized markets ranked well, with counties between 250,000 - 999,999 making up more than half of the top 100.
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