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The competition for talent has never been greater. Your company is counting on you for answers. Lead the conversation with data you can trust.


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Understanding US talent markets

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Understanding the talent market for staffing

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Guiding a global talent stragety

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Making the best site-selection decisions

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Recruiting talent from colleges

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Discovering the right talent

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Comprehensive labor market data

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Professional profiles

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Traditional labor market information

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Job Postings

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Compensation Data

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"We could strategize on how to out-flank the competition. Having this kind of information has been a real success for us. I get excited about being more strategic versus reactive."

Scott Haas, Talent Acquisition Manager


With Emsi you can...

Build your talent strategy on rock-solid data

Access professional profiles, traditional labor market information, job postings, and compensation data…all in one place. Now you can be confident you’ve got all the facts as you build your talent strategy.

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Find the right talent for your clients

Identify the best markets, offer realistic compensation recommendations, engage your employees with a user-friendly tool, impress clients with your industry expertise, and beat the competition.

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Make global decisions with evidence-based data

Use transparent, realistic, defensible data to build your global talent strategy. Compare markets across borders, determine where your company might expand, and understand the skills landscape.

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Be the better broker

Answer your clients’ data-specific questions with ease! Quickly ID markets that fit your clients’ criteria, jump on opportunities as soon as they appear, become ultra-specific about your market niche, develop your brand of hyperlocal expertise, and more!

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Find the right schools for your recruitment strategy

Determine which schools to target—and which to avoid, including schools you may have assumed to be prime targets.

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Discover the talent you need

Answer the who, what, where, and how of talent acquisition.

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