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Aligning curriculum with the job market, using the common language of skills

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For years, higher education and the labor market have spoken fundamentally different languages: colleges and universities have talked in terms of degrees, GPAs, and CIP codes while employers are primarily interested in the skills an individual has and the work they can do. 

This disconnect has made it nearly impossible to achieve a clear, apples-to-apples comparison of what an institution teaches and what the market is asking for. As a result, academic leaders and staff struggle to quickly assess how curriculum aligns with the needs of learners, and confidently determine next steps to better meet those needs.

Join Emsi product manager Matthew Hyndman as he presents Emsi’s solution to this problem: Skillabi

In this webinar, Matthew walks through the Skillabi platform and share how it can be used to:

  • Review skill alignment of academic offerings with the job market in their region
  • Repackage curriculum to better serve the needs of their industry partners
  • Surface the in-demand, marketable skills taught to students in each course
  • Empower faculty with market data related to the skills they teach in their classroom
  • Improve course descriptions and boost SEO on program web pages

Watch the recording below, and check out the free Skills Required ebook to learn more about the significance of skills for higher education.