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Communicating Your Institution’s Value in a COVID-19 Economy

How to gain the support of your students, community members, business partners, and legislators when it matters most

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Colleges and universities have long played an integral role in the regional economic ecosystem, and while higher education has weathered many proverbial storms, nothing has rocked things quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuts to funding, declines in enrollment, and the loss of population in some college towns from the switch to online learning are just the beginning of how institutions are being impacted from an economic perspective. 

During this webinar, Emsi economists Anna Brown (Vice President of Higher Education Consulting) and Hannah Ruffridge (Director of Higher Education Consulting) were joined by Amy Whitehead, Chief of Staff at University of Central Arkansas (UCA) to discuss the critical role of economic impact analysis in helping institutions respond to these challenges. The panel discussed various topics, including:

  • How an economic impact analysis equips institutions to quantify and communicate their value
  • Why such analysis is more critical than ever as leaders across campus work to gain and/or retain community and legislative support 
  • How UCA has utilized their economic impact study during this COVID period 

Learn practical strategies for using impact analysis data to support key institutional goals, including:

  • Demonstrating your institution’s importance as an economic driver for the local economy
  • Helping legislators understand how changes to institutional funding impact the broader economy
  • Addressing enrollment challenges by engaging residents and alumni with compelling data on the ROI of education and workforce training provided by your institution
  • Securing and retaining financial support from public and private sources by measuring and communicating the value of your institution’s programs, operations, and services.

Watch the full recording below.

Anna Brown

Economist & VP of Consulting


Hannah Ruffridge

Economist & Director of Consulting


Amy Whitehead

Chief of Staff

University of Central Arkansas