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Emsi Burning Glass Merger Update

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Early in the new year tangible changes resulting from the Emsi and Burning Glass merger will begin to take place. The combined company makes it possible to provide labor market data and solutions at scale that help organizations drive more economic mobility, opportunity, and prosperity in communities. Josh Wright, EVP of Workforce & Economic Development, and Ben Bradley, Director of Product, will provide an exciting update on the enhanced data, tools, and services making this possible.

  • Introductions 1:36
  • Agenda 3:34
  • Background on Merger 4:39
    • Mission Statement 7:53
    • What work has been underway? 10:25
    • What can legacy Burning Glass customers look forward to? 13:32
    • What can legacy Emsi customers look forward to? 15:59
    • What can customers expect from this merger? 18:54
  • Product + Data Plans
    • Developer and Labor Insight integration 23:25
    • Key features coming into Developer 27:31
    • Customer access and use of Labor Insight going forward 32:32
    • Other product changes 34:29
    • Job posting data methodology 36:42
    • Changes within Developer 40:01
    • Will other data points be changed? 44:49
    • What’s next? 45:45
    • How can customers continue to provide feedback? 47:12
  • Timeline 48:36
    • O*Net 2019 51:04
    • What can clients do in preparation? 52:43
  • Q&A
    • I’m a legacy Burning Glass customer, will we have the same features and dashboards we had with Burning Glass? In particular, the ability to look at individual job postings and add or exclude specific job titles, keywords, and employers, etc.? 43:11
    • I’m a legacy Burning Glass user and we run many reports on occupation demand by O*Net code, will this still be available? 50:47
    • Will former data be available within the tool? 55:28
    • What will happen to saved reports and historic data? 56:56
    • Will you have training in January? 57:52
  • Final thoughts
    • What does success look like for Emsi Burning Glass and its customers? 1:00:14

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