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Emsi For Recruitment: the Fundamentals of Finding Talent.

June 29th 10-10:45 am PT

In this months training, we will help you better understand Emsi’s sources and methodology in order to have confidence in using and defending the data, learn which Emsi reports will best support your specific recruitment goals and learn Emsi’s “best practices” when navigating common searches for recruiting Talent. Don’t miss out on this exciting new webinar from the data pro’s at Emsi.

Emsi’s monthly trainings are a fantastic way for your organization to get a first hand look at how Emsi data tools are used to help organizations make data informed decisions. Our data pro’s use this opportunity to share their expertise as well as answer any questions you or your organization might have about Emsi data.

Kelsey Williams

Account Manager


Whitney Franck

Director of Training


Whitney Bray

Marketing Director