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How Higher Education Advances Mobility for Adult Learners

A webinar with senior economist, Rucha Vankudre

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The presentation slide deck is available here.

Webinar Overview:

For institutions looking to grow enrollment, adults with a high school diploma and no college degree are the single largest pool of prospective students in the US (96 million vs. only 3.6 million high school graduates in 2021).

On top of this, Lightcast research shows that returning to college is a high-ROI activity for adults in the workforce, resulting in a 22% greater chance of achieving upward mobility and a remarkable 140% greater increase in average annual earnings growth compared to peers who do not go back to school.

And yet, many institutions know little about who adult learners are, and what makes them successful. In order to attract, enroll, and educate this population in a way that aligns with their needs and goals, the first step is greater understanding.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Rucha Vankudre, senior economist and lead researcher for the recently released Moving Up and Moving Forward: Advancing Mobility for Adult Learners. Rucha will unpack key findings from the report, based on analysis of real-world education choices and career outcomes of over 270K adult learners. Join us for this data-rich presentation that will cover topics including:

  • Who adult learners are, including their demographic characteristics and professional background
  • The value of educational investment in terms of its impact on adult learners’ career trajectories and economic mobility
  • What types of institutions, programs, and occupations lead to the best outcomes for working adult learners