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How Skills Data Helps Jobseekers Unearth New Opportunities

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Emsi Burning Glass recently released From Likely to Aligned, a guide that examines how skills data reveals unknown career pathways. By helping jobseekers identify aligned (or adjacent) skills, communities can help people not only get back to work but guide them into jobs with wage and growth potential. In this webinar, we dove into the report findings, looked at likely transitions currently being made by workers, and how skills data reveals potential aligned transitions.

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction — 0:57
  • Agenda — 1:40
  • Introduction to From Likely to Aligned Guide2:44
    • How can workforce and economic development organizations ensure they are guiding jobseekers into options that are both realistic and optimal, and that best fulfill personal and economic needs?
  • Likely and aligned transitions definitions — 4:45
  • Common likely transitions — 6:14
  • Common aligned transitions — 9:35
  • How to move from likely to aligned transitions — 17:24
  • Q&A — 38:21

Access the slides.