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Rethinking Workforce Development

How COVID is Changing the Approach to Service Delivery

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Over the last year workforce development organizations have not only been adaptive, but innovative. Strategies have been reworked and service delivery altered to meet the needs of jobseekers in a pandemic. We’ll be joined by organizations that have been leaders in creating innovative service delivery, tackling equity issues, and leveraging data to reimagine their community’s workforce programs. Join us to learn best practices and get inspired about what the future of workforce development holds.

Webinar Outline

  • Introductions & Overview — 1:26
  • What did closing down the offices look like? How were you able to deliver services to your jobseekers online? — 6:33
  • What did fielding unemployment look like for your staff and the traditional workforce programatic work? — 13:16 & 17:56
  • Can you share a little bit about the staff size at your board? — 17:24
  • Did you see any kind of delayed results trying to get people into the grant programs that you had available for individuals looking for work or training? — 21:59
  • How are you doing now? What does it look like for a jobseeker going through the process right now? — 25:40
  • What are some of the success stories over the last year and some of the things that didn’t work so well? — 34:11
  • What did the conversation with the businesses in your community look like? — 36:19
  • How has your use of data changed? — 43:36
  • How has COVID affected your migrant seasonal farm worker population? — 55:11
  • Thank You’s & Overview of Case Studies — 59:03

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Chris Laney

Senior Workforce Strategist


Nilda Blanco

Senior Director of Business Intelligence

CareerSource Central Florida

Adam Crowe

Economic Development Manager

Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development Department