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Workforce Alignment Solutions

Using Skills Data to Match Talent with the Needs of Employers

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Skills are the common denominator across employers, individuals, and educators. Since skills are what employers are seeking in potential talent, it only makes sense to use skills as the “common language” between jobseekers, employers, and educators. And that’s just what The Chamber of Commerce Serving Middletown, Monroe and Trenton is doing with SkillFit (and their customized site branded as Skills2Careers). Hear from Rick Pearce, The Chamber CEO & President, about their new initiative, and learn from the Emsi Burning Glass product team about our newest technology developed to make it happen.

Webinar Outline

  • Introductions & overview of the challenges facing communities – 0:33
  • The Chamber of Commerce’s timeline on trying to solve the problem – 4:27 
  • Have the Chamber’s partners been receptive to a skills based solution? – 11:54
  • What is SkillFit’s process for assessing a jobseekers interests, abilities, and skills? – 17:12
  • Is SkillFit customizable to individual regions and if so what does that look like? – 18:35
  • How accurate does SkillFit show jobs in the industry and potential industries to move into? – 21:09
  • Can specific occupations be filtered out at this time? – 24:22
  • How does the upskilling work to get a jobseeker into an apprenticeship program or other recommend training programs? – 25:17
  • Why could skills be considered a potential answer to helping individuals find sustainable employment and move up the economic ladder? – 27:49
  • Has there been a transition where an employer partners to upskill employees after being hired? – 30:14
  • How does SkillFit work on a website and what does that process look like? – 32:33 
  • What’s on the horizon for Skillfit? – 35:35
  • Can the job categories be refined to just the tech industry? – 38:55
  • What helps validate the use of SkillFit? – 40:34
  • How does SkillFit showcase my skills to employers who are asking for different skillsets? – 43:12
  • How are jobseekers finding the Chamber or the platform? – 44:47
  • Were the Chamber’s workforce partners in discussions from the beginning? – 47:25
  • Advice to other leaders facing these issues – 50:11
  • Closing comments – 52:10

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