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Widget Builder

An easy way to display career information on your website.

Customized. Relevant. Always up to date.

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Your programs prepare students for future careers.
Show them what's possible.

Students expect a college education to lead to a worthwhile career. Earn their trust by showing the connection between your academic programs and career outlooks. Now you can display Emsi’s trusted career data anywhere on your website.

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Career Coach Widget Builder gives you the power to customize a visual display of career information, embeddable on your website—no web developer needed. Access a curated suite of in-demand career data, including:

  • Wages (hourly or salary)

  • Job openings

  • Current employment

  • 10-year projected outlook

  • Option for national and regional data

Powerful data integration, zero hassle

Trusted Emsi data combined with a simple visual interface, Widget Builder is tailor-made for anyone with web content editing experience to build, customize, and embed career outlook information. Maintain your brand identity while harnessing the power of Emsi's robust datasets. Our data offers seamless integration that’s always up to date.

What you get

Customization made easy

Choose from a variety of curated data points, relevant to your students

Built-in Analytics

Back-end tools allow you to see usage and demonstrate ROI

Images for each career

Illustrate your displays with stock photography matched to each occupation

Link to Career Coach

If you’re a subscriber, enable a link directly to your Career Coach site

A simple and customizable way to display career information on your website.

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Need even more integration?

Consider our API options for full, developer-level access to our datasets.