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Workforce Development

Change lives.
Transform communities.

Accurate and local labor market information to prepare the talent businesses need.

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Be the advocate with answers

Don’t spend hours scraping together labor market data that’s old, scattered, and unreliable! We’ve gathered the most up-to-date data available and made it easy for you to use. Because when communities and the well-being of their people are on the line, the most important thing you can do is make an informed, data driven decision.

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Know the industries and occupations that drive your region.

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Understand career pathways and skills.

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Help jobseekers identify, obtain, and maintain successful careers.

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Bolster business services and engagement.

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Develop rapid response strategies.

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Serve jobseekers, families, and the entire community.

“Emsi has elevated the status of our entire organization. Our research team puts out timely industry reports with reliable data, we create high-quality products, and we’re an example for the workforce boards across the country.”

Sara Burns, Director of Research & Evaluation

San Diego Workforce Partnership

Solutions to strengthen your helping hand


Understand in-demand skills, industries, and occupations. Justify training and develop a rapid response strategy. Better serve jobseekers, businesses, and partners. With Developer at your fingertips, everything you do can be data-driven.

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Powered by Emsi Burning Glass’s library of over 30,000 skills and matching algorithms anchored in AI, SkillFit personalizes a jobseeker’s path—all based on skills. Jobseekers receive a match score for local openings, can determine their area of interest, and connect with training to close skill gaps.

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Career Coach

Powered by Emsi Burning Glass’s core LMI, Career Coach improves program completion and job placement by giving jobseekers a realistic path. With Career Coach, you can assess a jobseeker's interests, explore local training and education programs, build their resume, and match them with jobs at businesses in your region.

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Get expert recommendations for your community’s toughest challenges. Our consultants and data scientists provide custom studies and analyses on critical issues including the State of the Workforce, labor market supply-demand gaps, target industries, labor shed, workforce availability, career pathways, and skills transferability.

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Get direct access to the same robust datasets powering our software solutions. With the Emsi API, you have the freedom to create custom data displays and applications for your organization.

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Why Emsi Data

Emsi brings together three unique datasets to give you decision-ready information.

Traditional labor market information

18 billion data points curated from dozens of government data sources, giving you actionable insight on your industries, occupations, and workforce.

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Job postings

Hundreds of millions of online job postings from local employers to show real-time workforce demand.

Professional profiles

Over 100 million online resumes and professional profiles to highlight the available supply of workers.

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Why work with Emsi?

We understand that your industry changes lives. We believe in your mission and that’s why we want to help! We love training our clients to take full advantage of our data and work alongside them to create lifelong solutions. Together, we can use data to create economic prosperity and better, happier lives.


Workforce Organizations

We provide data to workforce boards, state departments of labor, foundations, and other agencies.



Last year alone, 45,000 jobseekers across the US used Career Coach to get on the right career path.



We’ve partnered with workforce organizations since 2003.

“With Emsi, I can run a report and download it in a matter of minutes as opposed to spending days combing through different data.”

Bridget Back

Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program

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